Sunday, 30 October 2016


        I did a little interview with the lovely Olly MacNamee over at BLEEDING COOL about our new series COUNTERFEIT GIRL which is out weekly in 2000ad!

It's written by Peter Milligan, Art by myself, Colouring by Dominic Regan, and lettering by Ellie De Ville!
Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

LAST GANG IN TOWN trade paper back out on OCTOBER 12th!

 Never mind the reviews.... here's the....  LAST GANG IN TOWN trade paper back from DC VERTIGO out on OCTOBER 12th!

It collects all 6 issues of our miniseries,  and also includes the Covers, Character designs, and new Chapter pages!

Written by Simon Oliver, Art by Rufus Dayglo (and  finishes on some pages by Adam Cadwell!) and colours by Giulia Brusco, collected Covers by Rob Davis, and expertly lettered by Steve Wands.

You can also check out the Chapter page designs on my new website, as some were censored by DC. So now you can see what I'd originally wanted.

Order a copy online now. I included a link to Foyles, as they are an actual bookshop. Amazon sucks.
Or go into your local Comics shop and order a copy. We need your support!

Many thanks