Saturday, 11 July 2015

Last Gang in Town from DC VERTIGO!

As announced yesterday by DC VERTIGO at SDCC,  my new series, Last Gang in Town will be starting this December, with the amazing Simon Oliver writing, and Rob Davis doing the covers!!
I’m really happy to be working on this series, about a buncha Punk Rockers in ’76 and beyond, who really do wanna create a little Anarchy in the UK.
Now, more than ever do we need that sort of anger back again…. And I want this series to have that irreverence  and two fingers up to the all the bastards who want to keep you down.
It’s our love letter to Punk, to all my amazing buddies, and to anyone who’s ever been the under dog… Our day will come!
Hope you’ll jump on board and crank up the volume with us.
Ruf, and the Last Gang in Town.