Thursday, 19 February 2009

I'm going to be offline...

from this afternoon. I'm awaiting BT installing a phone line in my new no internet..eek.

Please bear with me, as I'll be slow to reply for a while.

Love and tanks...



I'll be joining 2000 AD editor Matt Smith, and a host of the comic’s heroic writers and artists, to celebrate the release of Thrill-Power Overload (a 260 page illustrated account of 2000 AD's 30-year history) at the Forbidden Planet Megastore's 2000th Signing event in London on Saturday, March 21st from 1-2:30 pm.

Tank Girl's 2B-powered scribbler will be doing free sketches of Tankie, Judge Dredd etc, signing comics, and then drinking far too much in the nearby pubs.

If you're in a Soho watering hole on the appointed day in the vicinity of a gangly punk rock, ginger-topped geezer with mad tattoos that looks like he's in need of more alcohol (My default expression), my preferred tipple is Guinness, white wine and/or chocolate martinis –– just don't mix 'em together (My stomach will take care of that!).


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New Tank Girl Pin Up up on SUICIDE GIRLS this Sunday

This month's Tankie Pin Up will go live on Suicide Girls website on Sunday... sorry it's late this month, but I'm moving, and it's been chaos.

I'm gonna be offline for 3+weeks as I've got to get a phone line installed, which is a right bore...

I'm working on the penultimate Tank Girl - Skidmarks episode, and am excited about the new series we have lined up.

Here's some sketches for the new Pin Up on SG..

More soon, peoples!

Love and tanks...



Thursday, 12 February 2009


On Saturday, March 21st, between 1 and 2:30pm, FORBIDDEN PLANET Mega Store in London is having it's 30th Anniversary Signing with a whole load of Artists and writers signing, sketching and wrestling with the Comic buying Public!

I'll be there signing and sketching and would love to see some of you down there..

I'll post an update when the guest list is confirmed for all attending Artists and Writers...

Come along.... It'll be a cracker!

In other news.. I'm moving this will be off the net for a few weeks/months/years as I wrestle with British Telecom about getting a bloody phone line installed (You'd think this would be easy huh?)


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Singing in the rain..

I went to meet Si Spencer, writer, and one time Editor of Deadline magazine, (the original home of Tank Girl) at his local pub to pick up the Tank Girl Pin Up I'd bought from him.

It was pouring, as if Noah himself was bailing out the ark above us, as I stumbled through London's wet wind blasted streets.

I found both the art, and Si propped at the bar, holding court...

We had a good ol' natter, he told me some great Comics related gossip, and then I wrapped my new precious art in Tesco bags (Only the best for me, huh?) and headed back into the night..

This piece has always had a special place in my heart, and quite by chance, was the only page I ripped out of any of the ol' GNs, and pinned it to my desk when I started drawing TG.

Scanned it this morning.. so for the first time, People can see it in it's uncropped glory.



Saturday, 7 February 2009


and this is why a genius...


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Chunky Tumbler, and fun and games

Some line work for an upcoming episode...

While Tankie drives, Booga plays cards with Chunky Tumbler, the big boobied woman/ex-dwarf/smurf... It'll make sense one day..honestly.