Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Low Life in Megazine #271

The first episode of Low Life 'War without Bloodshed', is out this month, in Megazine #271.

I'm just finishing Episode 4, it'sbeen great fun to draw.... and a real challenge!

Yesterday I pencilled an illo for a Tank Girl Intro (To be inked by the Surprise Intro writer) for one of the soon to be repackaged TG GNs by Titan Books.

Here's part of the illo's thumbnail... (Bear in mind this is super-rough...)


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Valenciennois Art Salon 2008

Here's the Poster for the upcoming show in Valenciennois, France...
There's plenty of warning...so be there! It'll be Bot-tastic!!


New York.... I survived... barely!

I survived the New York Comic Con....


What a lotta stuff, bizarre people, great artists and writers....but no fuckin' bar at the show?!

USA... sort yer shit out!!!
We Continental types need alcoholage at all times... Crikey.

I ate more pancakes, french fries, and fizzy drinks than perhaps was absolutely necessary.

I manage to nearly not sleep, which was a real accomplishment, and we managed to close a few bars!!

I only took a few random snaps... because I'm a rubbish photographer...

Here's Joe Sinnott, Kirby's inker, and all around lovely elder statesman of comics drawing me a Silver surfer picture. He was a bit amused I had his work tattooed on myself.


The Naked Cowboy..... who actually has unfeasibly large pants.... but a nice hat... he even gave directions to tourists... Bless his undrdressed booty.


Steaming Pavement, and steaming hotdogs.. Photobucket

I saw a lot of extremely fat peoples... these shops may be why... have a burger, burrito, shake anytime 24/7... even if you're not hungry!


Hungover in Central park...it's 22 degrees, I'm wearing a leather jacket, I've had one hour's sleep, and more alcohol than is recommended..... Hurray!


Thanks to all the lovely folks I met, and apologies to all the people I completely failed to hook up with either through ineptitude,drunkeness, or bad directions!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tank Girl #2!

Ashley Wood has outdone himself again... Here's the cover to Issue 2 of 'Visions of Booga'!! Damn his talented digits...

Well better get packed! NY City...Here I come!!


Thursday, 10 April 2008

No...really... I am working...

If you can call this work...


Countdown to New York!

Well... nearly finished Issue 2 of 'Visions of Booga', Tank Girl's latest Outback shenanigans....

Been a busy month...had an episode of Low Life (9 pages with Tones)... then 24 pages of TG... Need more hands..!

Christian's doing some great colouring... I'm really excited to see this in print!!

Alan and I have been discussing various TG future projects, and we'll hopefully soon be able to reveal some of them. I'm very excited and happy doing this TG stuff... I still can't believe I'm lucky enough to be drawing this stuff!

Thank you Alan!

Also a big welcome to Denton, our new editor at IDW, on Visions Of Booga... welcome to Team Tank... make out a will... you will be seeing frontline combat!