Monday, 29 December 2008

Mini Protest! Draw Small, Thank Big!

Zara Arshad's fab project with mini protest boards is up on her Flickr account...check it out..There are some really fantastic ones..I love the 3D coloured geometric


Something Old, Something New...

Well... nearly finished 2008..phew..

It seems like a million years since I started 'Tank Girl - Skidmarks' with Alan in the Judge Dredd Megazine... I'm really pleased with how it's developing both story wise, and style wise..

So it's odd to go back and see the first episode again, which ├╝ber wonder colourist Christian Krank, the most patient man in comics, is recolouring for the US Release in 2009.

Here's th opening Splash.

Christian's put in so much work, and put up with so much vague direction fom me..Thank you Sir..I'm so lucky to be working with such a gentleman.

Hope everyone's warm, happy and getting ready for the rollercoaster year ahead!

Love, Lukewarm Tea and Kitkats


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'd like to wish You all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I've been so fortunate this year, working with my favourite writer, on my favourite character, and surrounded by great friends, and family.

Thank you Everyone for your friendship, support, feedback and patience with my getting to grips with what I'm doing . I really am very grateful.

We're working really hard to bring you some fun books for 2009.

Love, tanks and pencils,


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Young Tankie...

Just finished a cracking episode of Tank's very Whizzer and Chips.. and details Tankie meeting Barnie for the first time...

Here's a sneak preview..


Friday, 12 December 2008


No, not the band...

Here's the DPS from Prog 279 without the printing mistake.. Just so you can see how it was supposed to look...
Click on image to see whole DPS..It's big..


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Judge Dredd Megazine #279 out now!

Out this week in the Judge Dredd Megazine #279 is a bumper episode of 'Tank Girl - Skidmarks'.. not the statutory 8 pages.. but 11 pages of racing, bus crushing, and jet pack action..

All this and more Thrill power than you can shake a stick at...



Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mini Protest

Young designer Zara Arshad asked me to do a mini protest board for a project she's doing to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It's 2 1/2 inches square...

I look forward to seeing what she does with them.



Friday, 5 December 2008

Second Suicide Girls Exclusive up on Sunday!

Our second exclusive Tank Girl Pin Up will be up on Suicide Girls this Sunday, the 7th Dec., in the NEWS/CULTURE section.

Alan's written a fab little poem...very festive indeed! LOL

I digitally coloured up the Bomber design, as it plays a part in the proceedings..


To check out the full pin up..sign up to Suicide Girls, and enjoy all the benefits of membership, and make some beautiful friends!

Oh..Time Bomb... one of the Greatest RAMONES tunes!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Well... marginally quicker than expected..

Here's the linework..


The Bomber will be called Time Bomb... after the Dee Dee Ramone song... a childhood favourite.

Sketchy Bomber!

Look out below....

These are the roughs for an upcoming pin up..

I sent the first one as an idea to Alan, and he pointed out A- it's a bit dull, B- the body language is more Tank Girl than Jet Girl.. (It's great having someone you can bounce ideas off, and to push you, so you don't crap it up...)


So I quickly revised it.. while we babbled on the phone.


I'll post the finished line work tomorrow...

Thursday, 27 November 2008


I've put up a couple of pages at for sale... but obviously I have a lot more stuff available.

I've been meaning to get stuff out there for sale for some time, but have been too busy!

If there's any particular pages you are interested in, just drop me a line, either through an enquiry at artdroids, or through a PM at

I've got work available from Tank Girl 'The Gifting', 'Visions of Booga' and 'Skidmarks'.

Also.. some Metal Gear Solid pages, Snaked, and 2000ad's Low Life (with Dredd and Aimee Nixon).

Friday, 21 November 2008


Last night was the opening of MUTATE BRITAIN in Curtain Road, Hoxton, the Mutoid Waste Company's Art extavaganza!
Spread over 4 floors, the exhibition has all sorts of amazing stuff, from a Jet car (a reall friggin' Russian 4X4 with jet fuselage) to paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics, and 'urban' art.

I got there early to hook up with Brett Ewins (2000ad Luminary, mentor, and fine artist). There was already a queue, snaking it's way up the street...and looking up, there were huge inflatable green tentacles up the top of the building!

I managed to circumvent the queue and sneak in, and had a sane 5 minutes to try and take afew pics before it got so busy it became pointless to try photograph stuff. (I'm a rubbish photographer anyway..)

There was a free bar, so i bundled up there, grabbed a cocktail, and worked my way down the building, past burlesque dancers, a band, tattooist, print workshop display, coffee shop and hundreds of pieces of art...

You've got to go and check it's on for a month, and is incredible.

Many of the pieces are for sale (hint, cough)...

A huge thanks to Alex Wreckage Wright, who curated the show, and did a truly beautiful painting to, for invitingme, and getting this whole thing together.... What a sterling job Sir!

And..Thank you to all those working last night, and Mutoid Waste for making this all possible.

Here's some awful photos by Captain Crap-Photo..

Arriving....Queue, and Tentacles..



Brett Ewins with one of a number of pieces he had in the show...


Me... poser... with our Tank Girl panel...



Bizarre entrance hall, and exhibits...



Jet Girl would kill for this baby... so would I...


Plane wing hung from second story, and ceranmic Mickey Death panel...


2nd Floor..going up! Some prints for sale...and liggers..


Looking down a the queue..


The Print Collective...I'll be bothering them very soon... we need Tankie prints methinks...


More stuff...

I'll post more photos tomorrow if I have time!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Forbidden Planet Signing Photos....

Sorry I've been so quiet...busy with a million things...

Here's some Photos from our signing at FP from a coupla weeks ago..

Alan in blue 'Penis' Tshirt, Me (Rufus) in miserablist black...


Asking where my 'Penis' tshirt is...


I had to draw on my lap, as the bloody table was wobbly...


We had a great turn out, so thank you everyone who came along...


Ruining a perfectly good book...


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cleaned up Nose Art

Had a fiddle with design this morning...


Mutoid waste Nose Art Design

Here's the rough for my design for the Mutoid Waste Exhibition... I've got to paint this on an aeroplane panel...

Talke to my friend Brett Ewins, and he's working on a piece too, with our mate Jason. Brett designed a piece, and Jason's painting..

Delegation... I have much to learn! LOL...


Monday, 10 November 2008


Thanks to the mighty Jock for sending me a link to Publisher's Weekly, where they've reviewed the release of Tank Girl Visions of Booga (the Collected Trade Paperback)..

Scroll down to 'Comics' Wayyyyy down the page! LOL..

For those to lazy to click on the link...

Tank Girl: Visions of Booga Alan C. Martin and Rufus Dayglo. IDW (Diamond, dist.), $17.99 (104p) ISBN 978-1-60010-280-6

In a perfect world, everybody would be able to live like Tank Girl, even if just for a day. The snarl-lipped, occasional tank-driving, semi-postapocalyptic punk scamp and her kangaroo lover, Booga, seem to be having a good time even when they're racing hell-bent across the outback with guns blazing and cigarettes askew, with bloodthirsty madmen on their tail. This time out, Tank Girl and Booga have run afoul of the Aussie mob on a robbery job and are fleeing for their lives as usual, only to come across the ultra-rare “Book of Hipster Gold,” a lost beatnik epic that has the potential to save the world. Martin's text makes sense in its own cockeyed way, with the slangy references flying thick as the exhaust and gunfire, livening up one fist fight where the characters announce each punch with Z-movie flair (“Wesley Snipes!” “Christopher Walken!” “Vinnie Jones!”). Dayglo's art has spit and sawdust galore, with sunset tones fitting the desert outback setting, and sharp angles to punctuate the frequent action. It's an electric crackle of a book with modish postpunk zip to spare. (Nov.)

You can buy it at Amazon (Cheapest place I can find!!)

Sgt. Rock is gonna help me...

Thanks to everyone who came to the signing at FP! We were besieged, but managed to sketch and sign for everyone, including FP Staff!

We then hooked up with Alan's Worthing cohorts for an evening of drinking and some truly frightening anecdotes...

I've been asked by the good people at Mutoid waste company to take part in an art show, painting a piece of old aeoplane like a bomber pinup! Soooo excited!! A lifetime of building Airfix kits finally pays off!



My piece of fuselage to paint!!


and finally... Sgt Alan 'Rock' Martin and PFC Rufus 'Ice Cream' Dayglo... back in the shit, man...


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Tank Girl Signing this Saturday in London!!

Hi Peoples!

Just a reminder that Alan C. Martin and I will be signing this Saturday at FP in London.

Come along for free sketches of Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, Metal Gear Whatsit...

I hope to see some of you down there at FP!

See you Saturday!


Exclusive Tank Girl art on Suicide Girls

I forgot to link this one on Sunday (Well I was in Portugal) - the first of our exclusive monthly Tank Girls over at the Suicide Girls site

There'll be a new Pin Up every month (First Sunday)!

and for those who haven’t already - check the interviews on the site for an in-depth with Alan C. Martin,Tank Girl Maestro.

:-) Ruf

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Congratulations USA!


Well done everyone who went out and voted in the USA... for the first time in a decade the American voting public can hold it's collective head high!

Now to complete my day, Sarah Palin needs to be eaten by a moose, and someone has to circumcise McCain's big ol' wrinkly head.


Onwards and upwards...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Amadora, Lisbon FIBDA Festival 2008


What an amazing weekend!

I'd like to thank my Hosts at the 19th Amadora FIBDA 2008, who were exceptionally kind and welcoming, and for organizing such an amazing Festival.

Lisbon is such a beautiful city, and we were very fortunate to have a tour from our hosts, and endless meals! Just..... incredible...

I was there for the second weekend , of a 3 Week festival, which had a simply stunning art show, with work by Moebius, Druillet, Alex Raymond, Dave McKean, Kevin O'Neill, Dave Gibbons, etc. Just incredible!

I met some amazing artists, the legendary Julio Ribera (and his lovely wife), Zoran Janjetov ( Moebius collaborator, and artist on Technopriests with Jodorowsky, and aa absolutely lovely man), Mauricio De Sousa (The Brazilian Giant of comics, and his beautiful daughter, Marina), Mathieu Sapin (French Humourist) and many Portugese artists... it was incredible.

The venue was stunning, decorated like a space station, and was so busy! everyone was so welcoming and polite, so thank you to everyone I met.
I was genuinely surprised how many tank Girl fans there were... It was a happy surprise!

Here's some Photos..

Flying in to Lisbon...


Zoran sketching in the restaurant...after having sketched all day... He is the perfect gentleman, and one of the loveliest guys I've ever met.

zoran Janjetov

Zoran, Julio Ribera, and Mrs ribera on our 'minibus'...a huge coach for 6 of us! We had a beautiful tour of Lisbon...

Zoran and Julio Ribera

Some sketches... My apologies for my shoddy photography, I was having to work quickly... It was very busy.





One of my favourites, this kid!!









Me, with marina's glasses crooked on my fat head! LOL... (Ligia is behind me on right)


The great Mauricio de Sousa vandalising the table cloth!


Marina Takeda de Sousa, taking everything in her stride, and laughing at me...again...!


Thank you to Everyone who came to the show for your generousity, to all the People who put so much hard work into the Exhibition, all the Volunteers at the show, and all the talented People I met.
I feel very fortunate.

Now.... back to work

Love'n tanks